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American leading personal and business financial strategist, Dr. Tiffaney Williams is a genius in financial development with over 12 years of experience providing clients with step-by-step guidance to achieving their personal and business financial goals.

She is notably known for building companies, launching clients into six figures, coaching corporate teams mentally creating a new dynamic for growth in their industry. She has assisted over 5,000+ clients personally, obtaining their financial, debt management and credit goals. Her simple techniques are straightforward and easy for any audience to grasp.

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Tiffaney is a 3x published author, holds a PHD in Business and a masters degree in economics. She also has an extensive background in accounting and finance. 

She also holds several nationally known financial certification: ICFE - Institute of Consumer Finance Education, CMA- Certified Management Accountant, FRM- Financial Risk Management, CFA- Chartered Financial Analyst, NACC- National Association of Certified Credit Counseling and CCCS - Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

Dr. Williams was nominated and awarded 40 under 40 recipient for North America, where she was chosen out of 2000 other candidates. She has also been awarded and honored by our president Joe Biden and our Vice President Kamala Harris with the Presidential lifetime Achievement award. Her impact, philanthropy, business knowledge, execution and experience is the reason thousands have chosen her to lead them on their path to financial freedom and success.

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