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African Orphanage & Village Support Foundation

Hakuna Matata

The Hakuna Matata African Orphanage & Village Support Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and educational tools to orphanages and villages in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Senegal, and Kenya. 



The  Hakuna Matata African Orphanage & Village Support Foundation's 

mission is to help as many people as we can.

We believe that building an opportunity for our families to evolve is essential. Our ancestors were birthed in Africa. Building homes, villages, businesses, and agriculture is our end goal. 


The need for support in Africa continues to be great, corruption is also quite prevalent. We have taken extensive steps toward securing the funds that we allocate to our sponsored communities, villages, and orphanages. In most cases our program begins with a local ‘sponsor’ who already lives in Africa and personally knows of honest devoted guardians within the community with orphanages and knowledge of where the funds should be allocated and to who. 


We offer an array of support. We have defined a guardian as an organization, such as an established orphanage, or an individual such as a relative, but not the child’s biological parents. Through our local sponsors, we are able to verify that the orphan is receiving adequate care and that the guardians will use the money for the child’s direct welfare. 


Additionally, because the sponsors are local, we are able to fund opportunities that might not ordinarily receive charity because of their small size, geographic location, or grassroots origins. HMF does not promote political or religious activities of any kind and therefore abstains from funding religiously affiliated institutions or organizations, regardless of their level of care. We have sponsors from all walks of life. We have no desire to curate religious relationships only. We are here to assist the culture. If you would like to join us on our annual trip Juneteenth or donate please contact support. 

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