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Our mission is to uplift and rebuild our youth providing a fresh start by re-enforcing educational and moral principals which will in turn motivate them to a higher level of achievement and therefore turning their tests into testimonies.

The long term goal is to find thousands of girls like Tiffaney and help them fight the demons that are keeping them from growing mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It is her desire to take these young ladies, build an unbreakable bond, and help them reach their potential and supersede the expectation of others deeming them to be a statistical failure.

The Lady Lions of Triumph encourages the youth to express themselves through art, such as dancing and theatre. In addition, the program offers young women the opportunity to participate in youth entrepreneur programs, life counseling, and tutoring sessions.


We cater to ages 12-17 some programs; Ages 18-19 are welcome. All demographic walks of life are welcome. The Lady Lions of Triumph is an all girl organization which implements "The Teens That Dream" events which is unisex.

A New Design (11).jpg

The program seeks to engage young girls through several areas: 


  • Self Esteem Building

  • Etiquette

  • Entrepreneur Programs

  • Higher Education Programs

  • Creative/Fine Arts

  • Tutoring

  • Field Trips

  • Bonding Exercises To Build Trust

  • Personal Development

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