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Speaker Evaluation Sheet

Thank you for your participation in our online or in-person courses and events. We greatly value your feedback in order to enhance our services and meet your needs in the marketplace. We kindly request that you provide a comprehensive evaluation of the services provided by Dr. Tiffaney Williams and her team, from the initial stages to the conclusion of the program. We sincerely appreciate your decision to choose our service to address your challenges.


Recognizing the utmost importance of your time, we acknowledge that completing the evaluation form is a valuable investment on your part. As a token of our dedication to serving you, upon submitting the form with outstanding reviews, we will be delighted to offer you a vacation voucher for two, covering flights and hotel accommodations. Please note; that certain restrictions may apply, and we kindly request that you carefully review all details and follow the provided instructions.


Thank you once again for your participation,

and we look forward to your valuable feedback.

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