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is a one-stop-shop to Financial Success. 
We have created dynamic opportunities to build generational wealth, enhanced with investment methods that create multiple streams of income that caters to
ALL income and investment levels. 

The Wealth Concierge

•VIP Groups Access Facebook / Telegram 
•Access to High Level Investment Phases
•We Offer Passive Income Wealth Building Phases That Only Our VIP Members Can Access

  •  Access To Resources only the 1%’er’s Have Access To

Each Wealth Concierge VIP Circle Member Must Meet All Qualifications Such As Purchasing the $3500 annual membership. You Must Enter Into Your First Phase Of Choice At An Entry Amount of $10,000 Or More To Be Inducted Into Our

“Super Circle”

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• Financial & Business Coaching

  • Passive Income Streams For Investors Of All Levels

 • Generational Wealth Income Strategies 

  • Millionaire Personal & Business Development Strategies
  • Intense Trainings & Strategy Sessions With Certified Millionaire & Billionaire Coaches & Investors Quarterly
We specialize in 6-7 figure Crypto Programs And Investment Opportunities To Assist You With Growing Your Net-Worth Effortlessly! 
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  •  Asset Protection Through Global Banking Including Dubai Residency & Business VISA Set-Up.

  • Learn the Benefits of having a Dubai VISA, how to obtain one and how to set yourself up to maximize your success, potential growth and larger profit margins. 

  • Access to the five pillar personal, family, and business security asset protection trusts.

  • Arbitrage investment opportunities available for investors seeking to invest 50k and above.  

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$3500.00 ANNUAL FEE


The Wealth Concierge Millionaire Circle will have to meet all qualifications and get inducted into a super exclusive circle created for the elite of elites. 


Millionaire wealth development intense trainings and strategy sessions with certified millionaire investors. 


Dubai resident & business visa set-up. Learn the benefits of having a Dubai VISA, how to obtain one, and how to set yourself up to maximize your financial success. 


We Specialize in Trust Fund Set-ups

Learn how to move like the multiple millionaires and billionaires.

Learn about the specialized trust and what it can do for you. 

We specialize in five pillar personal, family, and business security asset protection trusts. 

Arbitrage investment opportunities available for investors seeking to invest 50k and above. 

We build out Amazon or Walmart e-commerce stores without ever having to store, or stock products. We use the top company that all of our millionaire friends and elite clients use. They 100% manage your store and keep you 100% in the loop.

Within 12 months at minimum your store before fees and staff cost will be at 30k a month. E-commerce is the way to go for sustainable income. 

Building your business the correct way the first time. We incorporate and structure your business, build business credit and obtain business funding.  Setup your business credibly, establish a positive business credit profile and score quickly, obtain vendor, store, fleet, and cash credit in your business name with business reporting, and become more lendable by building your business credit. (Qualifying candidates)

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A private trust is a legal arrangement in which assets are transferred to a trustee who holds and manages them on behalf of beneficiaries. The trust is considered "private" because it is created for the benefit of specific individuals or organizations, rather than for the general public. 


Private trusts serve various purposes and can be significant for several reasons: 


1. Asset protection: Private trusts provide a means to protect and preserve assets for future generations. By transferring assets to a trust, they can be shielded from potential risks, such as creditors, lawsuits, or excessive taxation.


2. Wealth management: Private trusts facilitate effective wealth management by ensuring that assets are professionally managed according to the specific objectives and wishes of the trust creator. Trusts often include provisions for investment strategies, distribution of income, and long-term financial planning.


3. Privacy and confidentiality: As the name suggests, private trusts offer a greater degree of privacy compared to other forms of asset ownership. Trusts can help keep personal and financial matters confidential, shielding beneficiaries from unnecessary public scrutiny.


4. Estate planning: Private trusts are valuable tools for estate planning, enabling individuals to have control over the distribution of their assets after their passing. Trusts can help minimize estate taxes, provide for the financial needs of dependents, and establish guidelines for the management and transfer of assets.


5. Flexibility and customization: Private trusts can be tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the trust creator. They offer flexibility in structuring and allow for the inclusion of specific provisions, such as conditions for distribution, restrictions on spending, and charitable giving.


6. Continuity and succession: Private trusts provide a mechanism for seamless transfer of wealth and assets across generations. By establishing a trust, individuals can ensure that their family's financial well-being is maintained and managed in a consistent and structured manner, even after they are no longer able to oversee it personally.


It is important to note that the establishment and management of private trusts require careful consideration of legal and financial aspects. Seeking professional advice from a financial advisor or finacial expert is recommended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and to maximize the benefits of a private trust.

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To proceed with the comprehensive assessment review, a fee of $397 will be incurred for an online consultation or $597 for an in-person consultation.

This review encompasses a meticulous examination of all your assets, including deeds, titles of ownership, as well as any associated debts.

It is imperative that every tangible and intangible item intended for inclusion in the trust undergoes this comprehensive review.

Upon completion of the assessment, I will diligently devote three business days to curate an active blueprint tailored specifically to your needs. Not only will I provide guidance on navigating both the public and private spheres with the highest level of execution. I will provide invaluable knowledge and training on how to live in the trust, rather than merely acting as a trustee. Your income shall benefit from long-term tax deferral. Furthermore, your children, parents, or any other individual whom shall be granted as beneficiaries, inheriting the bountiful fruits of your life's endeavors. (You can choose your beneficiaries) they do not have to be your parents or children. 


Allow me to present the benefits that await you. It is understandable that the majority of the information I will provide may initially seem unfamiliar and perplexing. However, rest assured that I am here to guide and coach you through this intricate process, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate this chessboard of life changing actions.


**The Private Trust can take anywhere between 6-10 weeks to be completed and delivered. 

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Offering invaluable elements such as the: 

•Legal Notice of Demand

•UCC 1 Filing Statement 

•Form 56 


•Common Law "Copyright of Name”

•Security Agreement

•100 million-dollar bond to discharge debt. 

Additionally, as a bonus exclusive to you, if you sign-up now,

we include the filing of an injunction in your state of residence.

(Valued at $2000) 

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In the realm of Trust & Sovereignty, where the possibilities of residing in both public and private spheres with the added privilege of diplomatic immunity arise, allow me to elaborate on the comprehensive benefits associated with this transformative offering.


Secured Party Creditor Package introduces the private trust component, a formidable and irrevocable entity that effectively separates the "Strawman" from your natural person.

This meticulously crafted trust comprises essential elements, including;

•A Bill of Sale

•Registry of Trust Certificates

•SS-4, Security Agreement

•UCC Financing Statement

•Hold Harmless and Indemnity agreement

•Common Law Copyright notice

•Form 56


Moreover, within this package, we also facilitate the acquisition of a prestigious 4-5 Star Passport. Our team will expertly handle the application and necessary paperwork, allowing you the remarkable privilege of diplomatic immunity.


To ensure your utmost protection, we will also proceed with filing an "Injunction" in your state of residence, thereby shielding you from any undue harassment by law enforcement or unscrupulous officials.


The culmination of these meticulously tailored services offers you an unparalleled opportunity to navigate the realms of public and private life with remarkable sovereignty and safeguarded status.

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Allow me to elucidate the comprehensive benefits and intricate components encompassed within the 

Secured Party Creditor Package;

specifically in Phase two part 1-4

Within this segment, the notable inclusion is the Redemption Manual, spanning parts 1 to 4, each offering unique advantages:

Part 1: Unveiling the intricate 1099 OID process.

Part 2: Facilitating the discharge of debt.


Part 3: Attaining the esteemed 98 EIN for foreign or international banking purposes or business ventures.


Part 4: Empowering you to establish yourself as a formidable banking entity with a Cusip number.

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Allow me to highlight some of the remarkable advantages that await you:

• Complete tax exemption, where you may defer taxes for the initial year or potentially avoid paying taxes altogether your entire life.

• Liberation from being bound by the jurisdiction of the United States.

• Enjoying true freedom in every facet of life.

• Immunity from unwarranted traffic stops or inconveniences.

• The power to discharge all debts.

• Asserting full ownership and control over your name and being, extending the same sovereign status to your son, who at the age of 22 also embraces this remarkable lifestyle.

• My unwavering commitment to guide and educate you through every step of this extraordinary journey.

• A shield against arrest, provided no bodily harm has been inflicted upon others.

• Utmost protection for all your assets, ensuring a secure future.

• Immunity from lawsuits targeting both you and your business.

• The realization of a life where you own nothing but control everything.

• My exclusive partnership with affluent individuals in this realm, ensuring that the market remains uncluttered by those who fail to adhere to instructions, preserving the focus on constructive transformation rather than unwarranted destruction.

Embark on this exclusive path towards sovereignty and enduring prosperity, and allow me to accompany you every step of the way.


• 0% Corporation and Personal tax

• No restriction on repatriation of profits

• Stable Economy and Governance

• Business friendly environment

• Local and International Banking solutions

• Easy residency process without obligation to reside in UAE

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• Expert and impartial advice on individual or corporately owned structures.

•*My Partners accepts cryptocurrency payments.

• Full A-Z service for the entire setup process, from initial consultation to post-license business support.

• International client focus.

• Deep network within UAE Government departments to support

flexible and fast setup requirements.

• All-inclusive package is $35,000 you can add 2 more individuals to obtain their (3 year visa with you and a personal bank account, you all would split the $35,000 and add $3,500 per person additional for the visa. $35,000 + $3500 x 3= $35,000+ 10,500= 50,000/3 = $16,666 every 3 years! You cannot beat that.) ( I didn’t have this option). The renewal is for your international business renewals. 

•Free VIP post- visa process valued $1920 USD

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• Free zone licence can be set up remotely in working 3-5 days with just a copy of your passport and digital photo

• Establishment Card working 3-5 days

• Entry Resident Visa working 3-5 days

• Post-Visa process - Medical/Biometric/Visa stamping in 5 working days.

You have to go to Dubai once for 5 full working days to get the visa stamp, EID, and medical test done.

Then to keep the visa active you must enter once every 6 months.

You can stay the entire 3 years with no restrictions, once it’s time to renew the visa you’ll be notified. 

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